Product: P53(wt-p53) (D2F7) Monoclonal Antibody, HRP Conjugated

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Category Antibody Conjugates
Description P53wt-p53
Widespread p53; Wtp53; Antigen NY-CO-13; Cellular tumor antigen p53; Cys 51 Stop; HGNC11998; LFS1; p53; p53 Cellular Tumor Antigen; p53 Tumor Suppressor; Phosphoprotein p53; TP53; Transformation related protein 53; TRP53; Tumor protein p53; Tumour Pr ...
Conjugate / Derivative HRP
Host Species Mouse
Reactive Species Rat; Human
Applications Immunohistochemistry; Western Blot
Catalog # bsm-2346M-HRP

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