About Us

Enco,,, which is comprised of Enco Scientific Services and Enco Diagnostics, was founded over 25 years ago by Zuri Levin and Pino Weizman, both of whom still run the company today. Though the company’s focus has always centered on antibodies and biochemical, Enco has grown to accommodate Israel’s dynamic biotech industry, and ground-breaking research and diagnostic activity.

Enco is the official Israeli distributor of numerous major international biotech companies, such as Santa Cruz, Jackson Immuno Research, MP Biochemicals, Worthington, Stem Cell and Serotec, MBL, and many others. We continue to work closely with key institutions in the local market, enabling them to obtain whatever biological materials they need, and offering full technical support for all the products we sell.

Enco is staffed by a team of five expert salespeople who make a point of building professional relationships through frequent visits to the hospitals, universities, and companies that make up our customer base. Our customers know and appreciate us not only for our attentive service, but also for our efforts to seek out the materials that they need. It is this personal attention, coupled with professional distributor representation which has enabled us to grow into a major supplier of biotech products in the Israeli market.

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