BrdU Antibodies

  • Exclusive manufacturer of clone BU1/75 (ICR1)

  • Competitively price

  • Wide choice of formats: including purified, HRP and FITC-conjugated

  • Suitable for flow cytometry, ELISA, and IHC

AbD Serotec offers two popular BrdU antibodies; clones BU1/75 (ICR1), and Bu20a (1), with broad mammalian species specificity – in formats suitable for ELISA, flow cytometry, and both paraffin and cryosection immunohistology.

We are the originators and worldwide suppliers of clone BU1/75 (ICR1), providing you with competitively priced BrdU antibodies at excellent value. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, our antibodies are guaranteed to perform to specification.

Bromodeoxyuridine (5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine, BrdU) is an analog of the DNA base thymidine. During DNA synthesis, BrdU can replace thymidine and be incorporated into the newly synthesized DNA of dividing cells.

Our BrdU antibodies provide a powerful tool to detect normal, neoplastic, and replicating cells and are ideal for

  • Cell proliferation studies; as they provide an accurate and comprehensive method to quantify the degree of DNA synthesis.

  • The study of cell kinetics; in particular cell cycle interphase, via pulse labeling experiments.

  • Detecting the cell cycle position of apoptotic cells.

  • DNA fragmentation detection; measure BrdU-labeled DNA from apoptotic and necrotic cells.

As DNA denaturation is a critical step for procedures involving BrdU detection, you can rely on AbD Serotec’s technical expertize to provide a detailed worksheet for optimizing this method.

AbD Serotec’s anti-BrdU antibodies are part of our Apoptosis and Cell Biology range.

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