PerkinElmer - Microplates for Research


We know you are working hard to produce the next big breakthrough and the last thing you need to worry about is sub-par quality in something so commonly used, yet often overlooked, as a microplate. That’s why our microplates are designed to give you optimal performance, whether you are working with fluorescence, luminescence or absorbance- based assays. What sets our microplates apart from others? The manufacturing process. Our microplates are made using quality plastic injected into a mold in a clean room. This, together with our strict QC tolerance testing, ensures you are getting the best quality microplate possible. In addition, we offer a selection of treatments and coatings that fit all your research needs. Try our OptiPlatesTM, AlphaPlateTM, or ProxiPlatesTM, available in black, gray and white, for your next fluorescence, luminescence, or absorbance assay. Pair our microplates with our range of detection reagents, plate readers, and automation technology for optimal assay performance and to simplify your workflow from plating to detection.
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