The Naveni Proximity Ligation Technology

The Naveni™ Proximity Ligation Technology Platform pushes the boundaries of fluorescence-based in situ methodology, enabling researchers to get the maximum information from every analysis by visualizing and quantifying proteins, their interactions and modifications, in situ at the molecular level. An ability to detect even low abundant proteins ensures that proteins can be investigated without the need to overexpress or modify in any way the natural environment of the cell. Data generated contributes to a deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms within diseased or normal tissues, responses to therapeutic drugs or changes to the cellular microenvironment. The Naveni Technology Proximity Ligation Platform provides clean, highly resolved images, ready for quantification. 

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 Name  Cat. #  Supplier
 NaveniFlex Control kit  CK.NF  Naveni
 NaveniFlex GR  NF.GR.100  Naveni
 NaveniFlex RR  NF.MR.10  Naveni
 NaveniFlex MR  NF.MR.100  Naveni
 NaveniFlex GM  NF.GM.100  Naveni
 NaveniFlex MM  NF.MM.100  Naveni
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