The Sino Biological R&D team has many years of experience in recombinant protein research and development. Over the years, Sino generated more than 6,000 recombinant proteins currently in stock covering most hot research areas such as immune checkpoints, antibody drug targets, CAR-T cell therapy targets, Fc receptors, influenza viral proteins and cytokines. Exhibiting properties of high purity and validated bioactivity, Sino Biological recombinant proteins can support your scientific research from biopharmaceutical target discovery, protein structure and function analysis, cell therapy and recombinant enzyme characterization.

Advanced Technology Platforms

  • Five expression systems to support production
  • Proteins generated from multiple species to support animal models and drug development
  • 80+ automatic bioreactors
  • 2L-2000L bioreactors to ensure high throughout manufacture
  • GMP-level production laboratory and facilities
  • Milligram-to-gram level protein production

Strict Quality Control Systems

  • 400+ methods for bio-activity confirmation and analysis
  • State-of-the-art analytical equipment ensures validated bioactivity
  • N-terminal amino acid sequence analysis capabilities
  • High stability to ensure reproducible experimentation
  • Qualified raw materials to ensure animal-free production

Premium Recombinant Protein Products

  • >85% expressed by eukaryotic cells, close to natural structure
  • Validated bioactivity
  • Confirmation of low endotoxin levels: <0.1 EU per μg by LAL
  • Confirmation of high purity: >95% by SDS-PAGE or HPLC
  • Carrier-Free: Dissolved in PBS, without BSA
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